A group of sales agents are chatting about their everyday business

Agent 1: Guys, recently I had to drive from Munic to Hamburg in only one day. And it wasn’t even a successful deal.

Agent 2: thats nothing compared to me. I recently had the same tour but additionally I had to drive to Duisburg and Berlin.

Agent 3: Just mentioned: Oldenburg , Bochum, Saarbrucken, Fürth, Erfurt and back again to Bochum. That was quite a tour.

Agent 4:
You don’t have an idea of my processes. Recently I had to drive from Dortmund to Leipzig, then to Rostock and finally to Neumunster. As I forgot something in Rostock I couldn’t drive directly to Regensburg. But nevertheless I could drive straight home to Mannheim from Regensburg.